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Apparently, this is a rather low number for an HP. John Laughlin Photography 9 years ago. F3HP's were first seen with numbers in the 13xxxxx range.

Granted, any serial F3 can be an HP or a regular body just by swapping the prism. But, the camera might not've originally been that version. Case in point, I bought an F3 eyelevel at the end of that was Within a month, I'd converted it to an HP. Body was being sold without prism, because the person had returned it to the camera shop in a supposedly non-working condition. Turns out they had the self-timer turned on. I wound up putting the eyelevel finder that I took off the other F3 onto it, so I'd have a working body.

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Those bodies have it in the chamber where the film cartridge sits. Probably also the FA's.

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  8. I haven't seen the code on newer bodies, like the N or the F4, though. I just have a F3 Nikon camera. The camera have nice serial: I see follow this thread but i can not find out the year of manufactured. Please help me to know about my first film Camera. Seems to be a SN of the late 80' www.

    The year of manufacture is printed under the hinge of the film door in a code. The serial number is not as exact an indicator as that coded imprint. For whatever reason this date imprint was used on the F3 and as the best information seems to indicate it is the accurate way to establish the month and final digit of the year of manufacture. However due to thge excessive range of manufacture you must use a bit of educated guesswork to pin down the actual 2 digit year, and this is where the earlier mentioned date of sale web site comes in handy.

    By reading this complete thread you will find info on SALE dates of some serial numbers AND where and how to access the date code of the F3 manufacture date. This info will allow anyone to pinpoint the date of manufacture for their F3 body. Paolo Polzella Posted 8 years ago.

    Dating Nikon Lens Serial Number

    Edited by Paolo Polzella member 8 years ago. I use to take pictures with a Nikon F and now I also got a F3 for the auto-metering system and is real fun! I think I have a small problem with it, but I am not sure. According with the manual I should see also the aperture in the viewfinder, but I can only see the LCD screen with the shutter speed The aperture setting will be visible above the main viewfinder image as a view of the Aperture Direct Readout scale on the lens aperture ring, which is the smaller series of numbers closer to the camera.

    You need an AI-spec lens for this - an lens that has been converted to AI by modifying the original aperture ring will not necessarily have the ADR scale and so you will not see the selected aperture in the ADR window, just a blank section of aperture ring. The "line" is called a split-prism.

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    If your F3 has a different focus screen you will not have a split-prism and may need to consider buying a different focus screen. Hi all, I've been reading about this code under the hinge and I was excited to check it on my recently eBayed F3. When I removed the door, however, the number was nowhere to be found. It seems that it should be obvious where the number is because I haven't seen anyone complain about not being able to find it; this leads me to believe my camera doesn't have this code at all! Has anyone seen a camera without this code?

    I thought for a moment that it might be a fake F3? My serial is Any help is appreciated! I think that could be help You: Yo Manaf, While it is possible someone 'cleaned' the date code off at some point in your bodies history, chances are it is there ya just ain't seeing it. Nikon in its infinite wisdom printed the date code on the black painted body directly under the hinge of the door.

    This means ya gotta remove the door the little stud on the door slides down dropping the top hinge pin out of its socket allowing the door to be swung out of position and the the code Good luck and good light Jeff The Chicagoan. You guys are great, thanks.

    Nikon Lens Serial Numbers

    Zooty, I assume those are purchase dates? So I'm guessing my body was made around ' I checked long and hard with different angles and light, no number. Maybe someone rubbed it off 'cause they shot someone with it and didn't want anyone tracing the deed back to the camera. So if a consignment of manufactured bodies was shipped to a store and thru whatever twist of fate one of those bodies were not sold till it would be possible for this date vs serial relationship to exist. In this cemetery, we discovered eight Civil War veterans.

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    Nikon/Nikkor F Serial Numbers and Production Dates

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