Latinas dating black guys

My Boricua papi chulo was equally adoring, making for the best of times and the worst of them, too. There was desire and Spanglish in abundance — with me and with other women. Hence my lack of patience and search for the nearest departure. The year tragic magic that is a good girl and a wild boy. We somehow turned into the millennial version of Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. He treasured calypso while I danced to merengue. Our families, both from islands, shared many of the same foods, beliefs, and traditions. Nevertheless, there were plenty of growing pains.

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Yes, you read that correctly — build him. We are jointly well versed in the arts, both creatives. He and I came from different economic backgrounds yet I postured myself as his equal. Artistically, there is not much of a difference between us. And no matter who dares to interfere, to know him is to know me. Cultural difference is real, but it ultimately comes down to whose demons are down to play with yours. From my experience, the partner that challenged me was best for my overall well-being. Comfort was just that, easy, but it never helped me grow. The unpopular truth is this: We must simply decide who is worth it.

Join us today, September 30th at 3 p. Skip to main content. If All Goes Wrong…. Get the latest issue before it hits the newsstand! Sign up to receive the latest news from Latina. I've seen too many times just this past Saturday actually where a group of black women haven't given a black dude talking to them the time of day but when a white dude says "Hi" they start cooing, smiling, and turning into shy school girls.

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This whole "better light" idea most definitely goes both ways but most people usually black women don't want to admit it. I think you are incorrect, there are several black women that I know that say they only date or love dark skinned men, while the amount of black men that say that in regards to women is probably 1 or 2 at most.

In case you didn't know, lol…or are around some different type of black women, white men say hi to us all the time. I don't know anyone that gets geeked over it…. If the same quality of dark skinned, latina or white man wanted to date me, I wouldn't put one over the other. But with black men they often times require a black woman to bring more to the table than a mixed, latina or white woman.

Black men have to understand that most black women that are dating other races have done so sort of reluctantly so that they can be happy. I think black men are obsessed with foreign women in general because they are more male friendly. I know a plethora of men who would choose a very dark skin Hispanic or South Asian woman over a black woman just based on how they treat men in comparison to black women. Black men are still shocked when a woman fixes them a plate or defers to their decision and since most non black women have this kind of character it makes them more appealing choices.

I think a lot of the men are super sugar coating and defending the obvious. The pictures online and the comments on the Brazilian and other foreign websites tell a different story.

Many Black Men Await Single Latino Women At Interracial Dating Central

I know several chicks from the south who will spoil their man, food, clean, cook, you name it so please don't act like domestic black women don't exist in this world. I agree with AAA, most men are with dominicans and puerto ricans. Maybe it's the way they're portrayed in videos in the late 90's and early 's that's mostly what you saw being sensationalized I don't know why but I'm going to be honest how many sub par looking latinas and cape verdeans do or have you come across on average?

Nothing against the sisters but I'm calling a spade a spade. My recent post A Closet Freak: Please come down to Miami. There are such a wide assortment. Generally, there are people that are funny-looking, or unattractive, or beautiful. Same with Latinas, you'll see them all here. With big butts, small, big chest and small, big and small body as well.

There are also an abundance or fake butts and chests, though that's another story. I'll give you exotic. Hurt face but big butt. And yes they tend to be more giving as far as taking care of their men… My recent post A Closet Freak: Cortino All women take care of their men the only difference maybe the meal they cook… thatsall. Have you ever dated a southern girl or I even know girls from Philly and New York that cater to their man.

That 1st pic from Devious Maids sums it up. His character is so pathetic to me. I mean she treats him any kind of way and he just eats it up.

I love black skin, I think its beautiful. Like the author says in the article I dont think it has nothing to do with race, it has to do with how the female was raised. The main difference ive noticed between Afro latino men and African AMerican is that Afro Latinos expect you to cater to them, because thats how most of them were raised and thats what they grew up in, their mom catering to their man.

Some african American men I dated act surprise, but is because they might have grown up in a single parent home…My X is African American and his mother catered to his dad so my x expected for me to cater to him…. Are some of us attracted to them? Sure, but men like pretty women as a rule.

If she's attractive and we think we have a shot with her, we'll go for it if that's what we want at the time. Thinking a Latina woman is attractive isn't necessarily saying black women aren't if somebody is believing I'm saying otherwise, that's their problem, not mine. A lot of it comes down to rarity in terms of availability and a newness of options. Some of us feel like we have to exercise ALL of our dating options. Either way, it really doesn't matter.

It's their lives, their choices, their consequences. My recent post New friends. J and Paul B. If you grew up in a n'hood where you only saw little black girls of various hues, then that was your "taste".

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But as an adult, if you moved away, went into the military, or went to a school near a metro city, your taste obviously would shift to all the new "looks". It doesn't mean the rest are bad, you just know what works for you. Some Latinas have anger management issues, can get fake outraged over the smallest things, and will steal your expensive basketball shorts too. I can't recall if it ever turned into a post, but on 1 of WIS's post, the comment section segway'd into about how some interracial couples are actually more culturally different than they are racially.

I think the access and environment ur in plays a part and I also think men just happen to love really attractive women. It's not rocket scientist, it's common sense. In fact we're All attracted to and drawn to beautiful things and people. Women typically will befriend women they find attractive. I've had men I've dated tell me they prefer my hair "natural" and curly because it makes me look more "exotic" ie Dominican or mixed. I see a lot brotha's at work checking out biracial, multi-racial, women.

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I have a cowrker who's girlfriend is Brazilian. The accents and the fact that they speak another language is a turn on and yes the exotic looks. Hell I love hearing people with accents talk. It's sexy as hell to me when someone can speak another language. I've had latino and caribbean ex boyfriends. Loved hearing them talk.

I agree with Amaris that "obsessed" is too strong of a word to use. One fact I think we all can agree upon is simply that, All men like and are drawn to aesthetically, physically, beautiful women. Yeah I miss migente. That's the beauty of being single, you can try different things that intrigue you.

It's not always that deep. I think "obsessed" is a strong word. I don't believe they are, however, I do believe there is an unwarranted intrigue due to the perceived aesthetic and personality traits of the "stereotypical Latina" in some circles. I also believe that some Latinas both know and exploit this fact, as when you are my color or darker, you don't get um.. Latinos are really dumped into two categories back home- White, and…not. So when you find yourself suddenly in a place where your "look" is "in", revered or even cherished..

I don't condone it but I understand why a person wouldn't ask the questions that would make "cherished" look more like "fetishized". It's the same as why some BM never ask why they are "celebrated" in places like Brazil. When you are a woman, looks matter, point blank, and some women naturally gravitate to where their "look" has the most collateral. Like the difference in Kardashian sisters and their preferences. It's no mistake that each sister likes what likes them back. I was talking to a male friend a few years back.

I had brought him out to the club because my friends and I were there, and I thought he and one of my friends might hit it off. She was into men who spoiled their women, lavished money on them, and had a talent she could brag about to his girlfriends. He was a handsome musician who toured the world, playing in many famous musicians' bands, and liked pretty arm candy around at all times.

5 Real Latinas Reveal Why They Love Black Men

When I talked to him after they met, he said he wasn't digging her. She was stuck up and snobby, and he wasn't into all that attitude. He wasn't wrong, but his dating choices made it seem like he was into that. The conversation moved on and it was mentioned that she wasn't Black but actually Panamanian.

I'm tired of dealing with that same ish from Black women, but I'm open to whatever ish other women have. I looked at him really differently after that day. Is he a fool? Is he the only fool who thinks this way? So yes, I think many Black women are more into Latina women than Black women, and will put up with more from them because they are considered "exotic", and therefore, "better". I like that answer buffbrother…lol When is the post coming regarding how men feel about sista's dating outside of their race? Date who you date.

But have respect for yourself too. That reflects on YOU.

Latinas Talk About Their Interracial Relationships With Black Men

My recent post It is hard for me to respect men after going to the strip club. We aren't obsessed with Latinas. But like many have mentioned in the comments, Latinas not all but most from what I've seen growing up are raised to cater to the man in their life.

I have had this conversation with many black women about fixing and bringing the man a plate of food. How many sisters really-really fix a bruh a plate and bring it to him? When he's done, take it away? Not too many by my account. That is some of what seems like obsession, IMO. Unfortunately the majority of black households are raised by single black females, a lot of black women do not see this example; being from the south with old school grandparents and parents this was the norm for me but my grandfather and father also worked very hard from dusk til dawn.

How do you treat your woman? Well enough to deserve being served so regally? If so, then I doubt you'd have trouble getting the treatment you desire from a woman of any race. On the other hand, should you have a chip on your shoulder about not being served, while still committing various other relationship faux pas and not treating her very well, then I doubt you'll find the treatment you're looking for, in ANY race.

I, myself, am an example. I'm a Southern girl, and raised in a two-parent household. Both parents cooked, cleaned and raised the kids together, so it wasn't all "Leave it to Beaver" style people like to think all the South is, with the woman in the kitchen and the man having a beer, watching a game and waiting to be served.

They are both attorneys.

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