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Unlike Superman and Wonder Woman , characters that have been in publication for as long as Batman, the Dark Knight has never had a long-standing leading partner and instead, he has been constantly switching interests when it comes to romance. This is due to the nature of Batman's character; it is difficult for him to maintain a serious relationship with a woman as a result of his obsession with his crusade against crime.

On the other hand, Bruce Wayne, Batman's alter-ego, has managed to have a few relationships with ladies of his interest, but they always come to a rather abrupt end because of the lack of trust and constant absence shown by Wayne, which has earned him the reputation as a notorious playboy. He would often flirt as Batman with occasional villains, one of which was Catwoman. The strong influence of Superman's success motivated the creators of Batman to introduce a serious female figure who could eventually become Batman's partner. Thus, Vicki Vale was introduced as an answer to Superman's Lois Lane , but these efforts proved futile as the character couldn't be developed in the right direction.

In the Silver Age and in response to various allegations which caused the Comics Code Authority to be created, Batman was given a female counterpart. Batwoman was introduced in an effort to give Batman a much needed female figure in his life, but again, the character became a caricature instead of a serious persona. By the end of the Silver Age , Bruce Wayne started seeing many ladies, with no serious intent of starting a relationship.

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Batman's Love Interests

In the first years of the Bronze Age , Batman had only one romantic interest, Talia al Ghul , but this never became serious as they were often at odds. It wasn't until the mids that some writers started taking Batman's love life more seriously. By the end of this age, various women were introduced into Batman's love life such as Silver St. In the Modern Age of Comics until the present date, Batman has had numerous romantic relationships, in every different media, some of which have lasted long enough to set a "record" and others which were merely used for the sake of a story.

So for those characters looking for a little excitement in their lives, a romantic appeal has definitely developed around the clown girl. You might know a couple of Harley's more iconic love interests, but she has actually dabbled in more relationships than you might realize. From the dysfunctional to the heartfelt, Harley has had a pretty wild journey trying to find the one for her.

So we're looking at Harley's many loves over the years to see who she was nuts about, and who she was just plain nuts to ever date.

Harley Quinn

Even fans who just got their first taste of Harley from the Suicide Squad movie know about this one. Harley and the Joker are so tied to each other that their romance is far and away the most well-known of everyone Harley has been with. Initially Harley was just the Joker's loyal lackey in Batman: The Animated Series , hopelessly in love with him. But as the years went by, Harley realized how bad the relationship was and decided to strike out on her own to healthier bonds.

Though Harley has shown a lot more independence as time has passed, she has never quite shook loose of the Joker's hold on her. Even in recent years she has found it hard to resist his sociopathic charm. Regardless of who else Harley gets with, there's no doubt that her relationship with the Joker is the one that has affected her the most, and is the one she will be most famous for. Regardless, despite her antagonistic relationship with Batman, Harley has actually showed him some affection on numerous occasions.

And Batman never exactly seems to mind it either. The Animated Series is probably the most famous example of their romance. If you figured Harley would only ever be attracted to villains, the years have proved otherwise.

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It turns out Harley is actually very open in her tastes, welcoming relationships with men and woman, as well as villains and heroes. Though this particular interest wasn't exactly mutual, even by Harley's own account of the events. It went down in the Harley's Little Black Book series, which shared stories told by Harley that may or may not be true. In issue one of the series, it was revealed Harley is a huge Wonder Woman fan. Harley was such a big fan that when she learned Diana was in danger, Harley went to the Amazon's apartment to protect her.

And by protect we mean gas her unconscious, steal her outfit, and go out to fight the people after her. Diana woke up naked in a bathtub with nothing to wear but Harley's outfit, so she eventually tracked Harley down to help in the fight and have a talk with the villain. Diana wasn't that appreciative of Harley's help, but the latter was convinced that the adventure was the beginning of their romance.

If you've seen the new Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie, then you are already well aware of this romance. Just from the trailers for the movie fans were already speculating that Nightwing and Harley might be exploring a new dynamic to their interactions, and they certainly did. If you thought Batman and Batgirl having sex in the animated Killing Joke movie was odd, then this scene raises the bar even higher.

She winds up tying him down to a bed and seems like she might have plans to hurt him. Instead, she slips into a more alluring outfit and decides to have some fun with the trapped hero. Nightwing does show enthusiasm once he realizes what Harley has in mind, so the scene fortunately doesn't get too uncomfortable with Nightwing being tied down.

We would have figured Harley would be into this sort of thing, but it was definitely a surprise to see Nightwing excited for it as well. Harley's Little Black Book is a series that gives us a look at numerous stories that may or may not be true due to Harley's skewed narration of reality.

Bruce Wayne Goes On A Date With Harley Quinn

One such story sees her getting ahold of a red and black Lantern ring which not only ties together nicely with her outfit, but also makes her a lot more powerful and dangerous. Green Lantern quickly steps in to put a stop to her, and they get involved in an arm wrestling contest using their power rings.

But before we can get a definitive winner, Harley becomes distracted by aliens interfering in the fight. This eventually leads to Harley and Hal Jordan teaming up to stop the evil invaders, and even sees Harley become a Green Lantern for a bit. When the plane they are flying on is destroyed by a member of Basilisk, the Suicide Squad lands somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico where a tribe of Mayans capture them and get ready to sacrifice many of the members. Sometime later Harley is seen in a storage unit with many of her "treasures" talking to her stuffed beaver.

She is thinking about what it would be like for her to have her own comic book.

Batman's Date With Harley Quinn - Complete Story

When she hears some voices who offer to depict her in her comics. First Becky Cloonan depicts her as a rock star in the middle of a concert, but she gets booed off stage resulting in her shooting her band, and asked to see another author. Tony Daniel draws her as a giant robot dubbed "Harley-Zilla" by Harley, she goes around destroying the town but eventually decides to go with someone else. Next she is riding a dolphin and saves a cruise ship from some pirates, she was drawn as a businesswoman, and then a ninja who kills the previous artist that drew her.

Jim Lee then depicts Harley fighting Batman in the opera house from the Hush arc in the new style, but Harley doesn't want a reprint so she moves on, and is drawn doing her "rev up your Harley" scene from the animated series but she forgets her lines. She goes through being a soccer player, Miss Gotham winner, and ends up in the Tiny titans comic, but she attacks them with her hammer for their "sugarcoated nonsense". Harley is then put into a car with Poison Ivy as they drive towards a cliff after they go over she gets moved into another car by Dave Johnson, which crashes into the Hollywood sign.

Jeremy Roberts, then makes fun of her time in the suicide squad by depicting Harley in many dangerous situations, afterwards she is put into a swamp where she is attacked by a monster version of The Joker, she kills it with her hammer and is happy after she gets transported to a sonny yacht by Darwyn Cooke. Where she and Catwoman plan to rob the people on board but they get defeated by Amanda Conner. She wakes up and finds a bomb left by the Joker which subsequently destroys her home, she survives and finds a comic of her whose art she likes.

Then a man in a car comes up to her and tells her that one of her former patients from Arkham left her some real estate in his will. Causing Harley to say "This is gonna be fun.

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Harley rides her motorcycle through Coney Island with the remainder of her treasures on the back of it. When she sees a man walking a sad dog through the street, causing her to attack the man with a whip and drag him down the street. Where she is spotted by a bounty hunter who tries to kill her, causing her to crash in the middle of a bridge, her new dog fetches her hammer and she proceeds to knock the guys head off for the trouble he caused.

Some time later she arrives at the apartment she meets Big Tony, Queenie, and the other tenants of the apartment. Then goes on a tour of her new four floor building, but soon learns she has to cover the expenses prompting her to get a job. She uses make up to cover up her dyed skin so she can appear as her "normal" self to get a job working as a therapist, then goes for try outs at a roller derby, where -after brutally beating up the other entrants- she gets a position on the team.

Later that night while relaxing on her rooftop a woman attempts to stab her but is shot by Big Tony. Afterwards they find a poster offering a two-million dollar reward for Harley dead or alive. Despite being somewhat absent-minded, she is shown to be highly trained in psychiatry and gymnastics. Harley Quinn is a highly skilled combatant due to her years as a criminal and uses her skills in gymnastics to help her in her fights. Harley's skills in gymnastics rival with those of Catwoman and Nightwing. Harley's strength and stamina has been augmented by injections given to her by Poison Ivy.

In the animated series Quinn often teamed up with Poison Ivy to take on Batman. Quinn's friendship with Ivy was also one of the few villainous team-ups in the animated series seemingly rooted in genuine friendship. When Ivy demanded during one episode that Quinn stand up for herself, Quinn said "I am not a doormat—am I? Her eventual fate is shown in the movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. She disappeared, and was presumed dead, after falling into a deep crevasse during Batman's final showdown with the Joker; however, incredibly deep pits are a notoriously unreliable means of death in fiction.

Indeed, a scene toward the end of the film reveals that she survived to start a family, with her granddaughters Delia and Deidre Dennis inheriting her devotion to the Joker and eventually joining the Jokerz Gang as Dee-Dee. This scene exists primarily because Harley is Paul Dini's admitted favorite character not to mention being his main original addition to the Batman mythos , and he was unsettled by having to kill her off, so he snuck that scene into the script on his own. It survived thanks to Bruce Timm, who felt the lighter moment was a perfect relief after the intensity of the climax.

It should be noted that her reaction to Dee-Dee's involvement with the Joker's plan seems strange; she scolded them for getting involved in Joker's crimes after "struggling to make a good home for them. In , a live-action television series called Birds of Prey , loosely based on the comic of the same name, included Harley Quinn as a psychotic psychiatrist and main villain. The character was portrayed by actress Mia Sara , who replaced Sherilyn Fenn originator of the role in an unaired pilot episode. The show aired only 13 episodes. In this show, Harley is portrayed as an older, far more calculating and sinister character than her bubbly comic and cartoon personas.

She also does not wear a costume, although she does wear an outfit that is reminiscent of her cartoon costume in the series finale, "Devil's Eyes". In that episode, she used experimental technology to transfer metahuman mind control powers to herself. It is unknown about this version's relationship with the Joker, although she does make reference to him as "Mr. Harley Quinn is introduced to the Batman: The Brave and the Bold series in the episode "Emperor Joker". She is voiced by Meghan Strange. This version is a henchwoman of the Joker and wears an outfit similar to that of a 's flapper woman.

Quinn never appears in her original costume, though Bat-Mite does in the episode, and Paul Dini had a cameo in Harley's costume in a previous episode. She holds a brief crush on Bat-Mite in the episode, but ultimately proves to love the Joker more. She makes a cameo in the series finale, "Mitefall! She kicks Gagsworthy when he tries to approach the Joker. The character proved so popular that a version of her was eventually added to the more serious Batman comic book canon. The comic-book version of Quinn, like the comic-book version of The Joker, is more dangerously psychotic and less humorously kooky than the animated-series version.

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Quinn's DC Universe comic book origin, revealed in Batman: Harley Quinn October, is largely an adaptation of her animated origin from the Batman Adventures: Mad Love graphic novel. Creators who contributed to the title included Karl Kesel and Terry Dodson.

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Harley Quinn continues to appear in other DC comic books. She should not be confused with Harlequin, a distinct Teen Titans character originally appearing in the seventies.

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