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I've played it a lot, but not to the highest ranks. I think I was at rank or something last time I played. While it's true you can grind to semi win, I didn't feel it was worth mentioning since the thousand of hours to get to that point aren't something I would suggest to anyone. The only thing that kept me playing some of the time was that I had already put in so many hours so I was ahead of a lot of people, but can't imagine suggesting to anyone to go through all that just for easy mode on new players and still getting unfair matches. If you've gotten past the huge grind to get to a point where the game is worthwhile, then grats to you I guess.

Personally I just don't find the game worth the frustrations and over time the situation only got worse and worse, so I don't anticipate it getting better.

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I'm very skeptical that the matchmaking is better now, I've seen a lot of iterations of APB matchmaking, but most of the time it actually got worse. But I will say that I'm not an expert on it now, as I haven't touched that game in months, because it just kept getting worse. I hope it got better for new players sake, but I've given up on APB and could never recommend it to anyone.

Started playing again via steam and find it highly enjoyable.

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APB: Reloaded

Are there still some bugs.. Much better than I expected but keep in mind it is mostly running and gunning or drive bys while you do various simple structured missions. Still fun as shite imo. I have been playing and pretty much holding my own with the basic weapons. Only recently did I notice I had some G1 cash left over from playing Fallen Earth and bought a few grab bag sorta random packages. I got a heavy machine gun and a sub machine gun that last only 3 days each once you remove them from the mail. If you leave them there they wont expire so if you're not planning on using them soon leave them in the mailbox.

Of the 2 guns the heavy machine gun gave me an edge in regards to taking out vehicles I can make them splode real quick.. So it balances out in the end. I'm only rank 48 so maybe it's P2W at higher ranks but I can't see it changing that much. Customization is pretty intense in this game.. The design system tats and vehicles especially is very robust especially after you unlock more options but not the most user friendly one I've ever seen.

Still its miles above anything I've used in most games. It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! March in APB: What are your thoughts? Vendetta is aimed at an entirely different crowd, the same way that Blizzard originally developed solely RTS games and then expanded to include an MMORPG, we operate a TPS game and are expanding to include an FPS game - we are expanding our playerbase and IP without shifting the existing players away from their current game or removing development from that game.

SlickShoes Member Uncommon Posts: From the reviews everything said about it is bad, from merging servers causing characters to be lost, to lots, and LOTS of hackers, to updates they say will happen but don't. Matchmaking on a Global Scale At apb reloaded unfair matchmaking of we ran lots apb reloaded unfair matchmaking surveys and in depth APB statistics on matchmaking, Reloaded Productions Inc.

If you like police lights and stun weapons harder uhfair play withtake Enforcer.

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For me, when I'm interested in a matfhmaking, I'll try to find out actual gameplay footage. If its too high, I recommend matchmakong new cooling paste or buying a processor cooler.

unfair matchmaking :: APB Reloaded General Discussions

And the permanent weapons, are you still gonna add them this Thursday. They announced this before and have done background updates since then. If its too high, I recommend applying new cooling paste or buying a processor cooler. Awesome game and thanks for relasing it, i was totally missing out on something here. If you like to make easy money ram raiding take Crim. Oh and leased weapons. Yes the matchmaking isn't the best far from. And the permanent weapons, apb reloaded unfair matchmaking you still gonna add them this Thursday.

If its too high, I recommend applying new cooling paste or buying a apb reloaded unfair matchmaking cooler. Matchmaking is Unfair - posted in Technical Issues: Since Apb reloaded unfair matchmaking first installed APB: Reloaded, I've only played against a few people my threat level. The 12 Deaths of. On a rare occasion. The customization in this game is some of the best I have ever seen, you can make symbols to put on your characters clothes and as paints for your car. It is a fun game overall. A game which is buggy and full of hackers!

If you want to try a free to play game do not try this one. Waste of time, boredom and p2w. I played many games Free to Play. It is well known that there is no perfect game but this game is one of the worst games that exist in this world. Well the game has an interesting system of being a police officer or a criminal, we have a curious editor to create the form we have the opportunity to create their own clothing, graffiti, painting, car, etc.

It looks quite interesting, and such I played many games Free to Play. It looks quite interesting, and such is, however, what is fishing without a hook of the whole matter: APB is unfinished look like Beta. Terminally game is a waste of time, but has the potencial but which has not been used and is unlikely to be. After having played this game for 3 years and put over hours into it. I can say for certain that this game is a fundamentally flawed broken unfinished piece of sh! Apb has a huge potential to be something great, It has the hands down best customization any game ever made has to offer.

You can create your own cars and clothing After having played this game for 3 years and put over hours into it. You can create your own cars and clothing and truely be anything you want to be with little limitation. But on the gameplay side of things, while the the idea behind the gameplay and the missions and all that stuff is solid, the fundamental design flaws prevents it from living up to that potential. On top of that, the game is littered with many bugs, imbalances and, serious client side and crippling server side performance issues. And most importantly, this game attracts and empowers a lot of duchebags to do maximum duchebaggery, they are like the soul of APB and not in a good way So what are these fundamental game design flaws?

Map designs that do not take into account what this game is about and how it is played, players love exploiting the flawed map designs to cheat and the mission by placing items on high up unreachable places and obstructing or destroying the only way to get there, making the whole mission invalid and granting them an automatic win. Or putting the item in a car and circumvent the speed penalty for doing so by just pushing the car with another car and driving on the part of the map that is impossible to intercept. Mission designs that give no consideration to the locations or nonsensical objectives that dont take into consideration the nature of the game.

For example, investigating an ATM in a middle of an open m space with no cover and surrounded by sniping positions. Or pointless objectives that are impossible for one of the teams to do, like stopping a car from going through 3 unspecified checkpoints on random locations on the map. Some mission objectives are placed in locations that greatly favor one of the teams. Almost all missions in this game require you to camp the objective, the whole game is based on camping and some combinations of map locations and mission objectives make it impossible to finish some missions because the enemy team is camping some roof top that has only one way up with guns pointed at it and is too high to be sniped.

Theres also weapons that dont belong in this game, Such as the OSMAW rocket launcher that makes any semblance of a balance in this game, hit rock bottom. No one will ever fight fair, they will use every dirty trick in the book, any given opportunity to cheat the mission and will have no mercy for your rank 25 noob as. They will be rude and obnoxious about it, they will message you without provocation just to insult you during or after the mission when they won it. The forum community is just as rotten.

I also have to mention the broken matchmaking that throws low level beginner players against high level duchebags that have unlocked every possible balance breaking gear and know every possible game exploit and are not ashamed to use all that to stomp the low level new players that dont have jack sh! The more game breaking gear is, the higher level locked it is, making sure that people who dont need it to win the mission have it and people who could really use it dont, witch tips the scales to a 90 angle between both sides.

If you have no job and live in your mom's basement, even you will find this game to be the biggest grind fest ever conceived, if you do not have a sh! Even with premium, be prepared to put at least hours to get on a level playing field with the rest of the players or your as.

Apb reloaded unfair matchmaking

Such as the "car surfer" character mod that allows your character to ride on top of a car and fire any bul. It is the symbol of everything that is wrong with this game. There is no such thing as hitboxes for body parts or headshots or any of that modern stuff, the whole player is one big hitbox usualy bigger than the player model so they can kill you without even touching you. The servers run on a 40ms idea conditions - also never tick rate that effects the gun play, and other aspects of the game. This means things only happen every 40ms, you can feel this delay the most when you are driving a car or pressing F to do an action, you can also see the shots you fired at lets say a car, hit it after some delay.

This is kind of a problem to the gun play, you get the kill or not depends a lot not on your skill but on factors like if your shots are at the beginning or the end of that 40ms gap, witch is also greatly effected by crippling server side lag issues. It also seems that some people are favored by the server over others, they are so called lag armor users or people that kill you faster than the max fire rate of the weapon they are using.

Its different from person to person, i guess the server somehow lines up people in a specific order when it processes information coming from them. There is also a big problem called ghost shots, its when you shoot but for whatever reason the server doesnt register any of your shots. I submitted a customer support ticket and got a generic sorry this account has been closed, no further ticket will be responded to and no action will be taken on your account.

No explanation no appeal process, just sorry you wasted your time and money on us, pound sand. Some f the worst customer support I've ever seen. This game is just unique. The combat is a little bit difficult to get used to at first but, doesn't ruin the experience of the game itself. The graphics are top notch and a lot of customization opportunities. The only problem, a great problem - is a cheaters. A lot of cheaters and some of them playing for a months before get banned even if. First of All i was playing the game since the closed beta, and iam about to cry if you see what the game once was and now is My personal favorite F2P mmo.

It gives you the competitive shooter play style without the in between match menus. Matches start and flow freely through the world and in between you can explore, play mini games, or otherwise. A refreshing change from, Click Start, Shoot, Die, back to menu. I feel shooters need to do away with menu systems and follow apb's dynamic world style. This game My personal favorite F2P mmo. This game also features the most extensive personal customization I have ever seen in a game. You can alter nearly every and any aspect of your characters appearance. But this is not limited to your individual character; you can also heavily customize vehicles that you can speed through the city with, clothing that you can sell to other players and start your own fashion business with, personal emblems that you can spray-paint allover the city for people to see, and even customize the paint on your guns.

Another feature that is amazing in this game is the voice communication features.

Apb reloaded unfair matchmaking

The VOIP in game works in such a way that you can hear conversations people are having close by, leading to alot of hilarious scenes. You can be standing in the street and listen to players driving by argue amongst each-other over the results of their last match. That doesn't mean the game is not without flaws.

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Server lag can get frustrating, micro transactions are overpriced, and you will frequently question the validity of someones skill. The concept of this game is great however the way its done isn't. The combat system in the game is repetitive and the whole "over the shoulder" aim gets annoying when you are hiding behind a corner and your crosshair is on the target but your bullets are hitting the corner.

Also high caliber bullets cant go through thin metal or wood in the world. Nothing like shooting a LMG into a The concept of this game is great however the way its done isn't. Nothing like shooting a LMG into a target behind a thin piece of metal and not even touching them. Starting the game and learning the basics took me some time, i had over 8hrs played and still figuring out some things. I wish it would tell you how many hits or how much damage you did to the person who killed you when you die. There's been plenty of times when i get matched with newbie group mates against a team of people with high end weapons and we just get dominated, its not even fun.

Well i could go on about the game but i'd recommend trying it if you have the time. Its F2P, why not. Okay, so I'm going to offer a dissenting opinion here. The game, itself, is a fun one a and a time waster, and I'm going to enjoy playing this until I have the money for "Saints Row: First off, I would like to mention the character creation screen. It seems that when you select a new option on the "quick mode", it doesn't update your model on the screen. The quick mode, by the Okay, so I'm going to offer a dissenting opinion here.

The quick mode, by the way, just selects things such as your race, gender, age, and build. The advanced mode seems to update your character, though, but seems unnecessarily difficult to navigate. The tutorial is OK, yet it only seems to go into detail about interactions you will do during a mission, not things such as vehicle spawning stations. The game does mention these stations, but only briefly.

Fortunately, you'll learn as you just play the game. However, there was one thing where I was given a weapon modification, but I could not figure out how to equip and use it. When you get into the actual game, your place in the matchmaking system when the game decides to make you oppose another faction in a mission seems to be determined by two things: The rank is basically your level in the game, whereas your threat is determined by how well you do in opposed missions. It seems to me that you cannot have a high threat when you are the very first rank.

Anyways, the balancing in the matchmaking system and the actual combat system really dock this game's rank. Basically, every player which has a "gold" threat which I believe is the highest threat fights like this: Either they carry a shotgun or rocket launcher, and if you happen to be out in the open they will attempt to run you over using their cars which will automatically kill you if they hit you going anywhere above 5 MPH.

Typically, the matchmaking system shouldn't be pairing you up against these guys but the way they designed the instances of the maps inside of each server may hold an answer. It seems that each instance of a map typically holds an average of people. Since each group holds around 4 people, and some groups may not even be doing missions or be opposing different people, you are most likely not going to get an optimal match in the first place.

Lastly, the graphics - The graphics are outdated and run on the Unreal engine, and anti-aliasing support is in beta. Anti-aliasing will not cause huge performance issues in fact, the game will lose as many frames as you would expect from any other retail game which supports AA , but will cause green dirty pixels around the edges of civilians on the highest resolution P.

The problem is amplified by the postprocessing blur around the edges of the civilians. To summarize, the game is fun, a timewaster, and free to play. However, if you were looking explicitly for a multiplayer shooter game, I would recommend different titles such as Battlefield 3. Although, give this game a try, it's free, and establish your own opinion.

I wouldn't recommend springing any money on this game, although, until spending at least a week on the game. At this point, the game does have potential but just is not a good shooter game. God awful, poorly optimized, ugly, pay 2 win. Its bad, stay away, or actually its free so try it out and see for yourself. Once youve been camped by a lvl gold who has the best guns and the fastest cars already, you will know what im talking about. Somewhat interesting gameplay cannot compensate toxic community, GMs supporting exploiters against normal players horrible game engine performance, blatant pay2win weapons.

Game is full of lags 2. Enormus amount of hackers especially aimbots and damage increase hacks 4. This game is just embarrassing. I'd feel bad if I worked on it. I have a reasonably okay computer - I play Fallout 3 on Ultra, Source engine maxed on a good day - and I can barely play this on minimum graphics. There's latency issues every second, and controls feel so lethargic. You have to spend several hours deciphering what the game wants you to do or how to progress, and I have This game is just embarrassing. You have to spend several hours deciphering what the game wants you to do or how to progress, and I have nearly 20 hours and still don't know exactly what I'm doing.

The only good way to progress it seems is to buy premium - if you try and do it with a free account you'll be there all day. Objectives only work well if you get a sniper and just camp over looking it. But then again, there's barely any locational damage so you can hit someone in the face with a high velocity rifle or the foot and they'll still spout blood everywhere and take the same damage.

I could have firefights at close range against people with shotguns and still win - that shouldn't be possible. Guns are complete crap, and you lose them after a few days anyway. Driving is pathetic, everything is sluggish, unoptimized, network issues, it takes forever to load a district I have at least 40mb broadband , the menus are slow, and if you don't get it through Steam it takes a lunar cycle to download the game anyway. I played this now, a few months ago, and a few months before that and it's just as awful as ever.

APB is one of those games that when it works, it works amazingly well. Sure there are some flaws that the developers continue working on, but few games have the stunning APB moments when you with guns blazing you go around a corner just to be faced with a whole customized team hanging out the side of their van shooting you up right at the last few seconds of a mission. The addition of Fight Club was nice for a change of pace, and now I hope we can see the other new districts that the devs have been talking about on the message boards like the stand-alone racing game that's going to be like DeathRace Keep up the good work developers!

While it is definitely not anywhere near the greatest game out there, Reloaded has fixed many of the infuriating issues from original version and created a fun, fast paced, and adrenaline pumping game. Things don't always go so great during the action, but faulty physics and unpredictable accidents can be entertaining enough to make up for it.

It's a free to play game that's definitely While it is definitely not anywhere near the greatest game out there, Reloaded has fixed many of the infuriating issues from original version and created a fun, fast paced, and adrenaline pumping game. It's a free to play game that's definitely worth a shot One of the worst games I've ever played in my entire life. In-game FPS is a roller-coaster depending on the ping. If you're in the correct region, expect a minimum of ping with a constant spike towards What have G1 done to fix it?

Over the entire time from the alpha stages with G1, they One of the worst games I've ever played in my entire life. Over the entire time from the alpha stages with G1, they have not made a single change that was for the better. Cops are now unable to witness actual crimes as which was the true nature of the game, turning this into a mission grindfest with the winners being the ones that camp, glitch and buy the most items from the in-game real cash store.

Missions are unbalanced, not thought through and has the appeal of scrambled eggs mixed with dog feces. The game is awesome. Its a pay-to-win game with dozens of aim-bots, hackers, idiots, and just flat out rude people. Although the game is partially fun when you get into a good group and then you find some legitimate enemies to fight, although the odds of that are So its not really worth getting team killed, having your car ran over by a garbage truck leading to it exploding, getting killed by people Its a pay-to-win game with dozens of aim-bots, hackers, idiots, and just flat out rude people.

So its not really worth getting team killed, having your car ran over by a garbage truck leading to it exploding, getting killed by people with high notoriety, or facing an entire enemy team using SMAWs and Grenade Launchers. All out horrible rage building game. If you enjoy the GTA type games this will be right up your alley. Unfortunately, what at the core could be a very interesting, even clan based game, has been infested with hackers. Playing since beta, this game has consistently gone down hill. I will chalk this one up to full of potential but ruined by the community. I've heard good things about this game and I've heard bad things about this game.

I'd have to say the bad won. Several months ago, the game piqued my interest when I saw it on Steam. I downloaded it and started it up without any problems I liked the fact that I could customize my Enforcer, but to get any of the I've heard good things about this game and I've heard bad things about this game. I liked the fact that I could customize my Enforcer, but to get any of the coolest-looking accessories and other stuff, I'd have to go premium Then came the gameplay itself in the chaotic city of San Paro.

The game at least works, I'll give it that, but not much else does. If I was a Criminal, why would I want to rent a weapon when I can just steal it and keep it forever?? And no law enforcement agency in the real world EVER rents its stuff out to cops for only several days at a time. Oh, there's also something else about the guns; damage is the same all around. With locational damage being nonexistent, I've had numerous instances where I riddled a guy in the face with bullets Now to the players themselves.

The player community is probably just as bad as Heroes of Newerth, if not worse. The so-called "premium" players have shelled out real money to get the best weapons the game has to offer, which a good number of them aren't even available to free players for that reason only again, more annoying advertising to get people to buy a premium account. Plus, judging from other reviews here, PunkBuster is a complete bust. There's pretty much no consequence for hacking or cheating while there's a small chance the system will randomly pick a legitimate player to ban for being a supposed hacker.

The missions and matchmaking are also poorly conceived. It's really a race to see who can camp at the objective first, which usually goes to the highest-leveled players and hackers. Frequently, I found myself on a team with other similar-skilled players only to be randomly and unfairly matched against players of a much higher level. Frustration followed as we kept getting beaten to the objective every time and the only break we got was when the objective usually the very first spawned close to our location, causing the enemy team to race halfway across the city to find us.

The mission variation is very bland and repetitive, recycling the same goals over and over again. The developers assumed the name "GamersFirst" but they are anything but. Every patch that comes out does very little to fix the game, especially the biggest flaws that people repeatedly complain about. It seems G1 doesn't really care about the players as they implied with the name of their company.

Overall, the most fundamental aspects of an MMO just aren't there: Reloaded has some merits to it, but it doesn't make up for the rest of the game, which is a stale, boring, and broken rip off of Saints Row. I very highly advise anyone thinking about picking up this title to simply steer clear of it. I like to describe this game as "Multiplayer Grand Theft Auto".

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You're in a large scale city environment with traffic, NPCs, and other characters, and its third person shooter style. The storyline behind the game makes it somewhat believable: Characters are grouped typically groups of or up to 8 if you call in backup to help each other with missions that are assigned by a dispatcher depending on their faction. You can create your own groups with friends or be auto grouped.

There will usually be around people running around on any particular server, and dozens of servers, so you get to find a wide range of different people and skills. The missions fit well with the back story eg, enforcers have to raid doors and crims have to stop raids, etc; criminals have to spray graffiti and enforcers have to stop graffiti, etc but do lack some depth and can be repetitive. However, the missions are just a pretext to battle against another group.

When on a mission you may be matchmaked against a group of the opposing faction that is generally equal skill. The matchmaking is generally pretty good with matching players of like skill level. The best part about this game, in my opinion, is the squad based tactics and both weapon and tactics variety. The different weapons complement one another and generally create a balanced and exciting firefight.

For example, a character equipped with a SMG will be very deadly at close range, but useless at far range. Since it is an fairly open city environment, maneuvering and flanking opponents becomes viable strategy. Another good aspect of the game is the visual customization for clothing and vehicles. With an in-game mini graphics designer, its possible to create almost any design for your vehicle or clothing.

I've played this both in beta and after its release on steam. The biggest change at official release is the introduction of punkbuster and the elimination of cheaters running aimbots, etc. Two big thumbs up in this area, almost all cheaters are out of the game and banned now. The game can be very addictive and has lots of continual play value as you constantly unlock weapons, vehicles, and perks.

At first i really enjoyed this game, saw a good amount of potential, but once you get into it the game begins to show its flaws. Stick with it and it can be a fun game. A very nice idea, however with an idea alone you just don't make it sadly enough. While fun to play with friends, the game starts developing issues like repetitive gameplay and a lack of good quality content. There is a reason why they couldn't keep up with the idea of "Pay to Play" and "Free to play" is not going to help this game to get any better.

Also, the idea of Premium is A very nice idea, however with an idea alone you just don't make it sadly enough. Also, the idea of Premium is getting a bit annoying because you get to see if everywhere. Good Game like Auto theft gaud.. APB Reloaded is just a disaster after G1. There is a truckload of bugs, unbalanced matchmaking system and unfair missions for Enforecers. For example fi you are a crminial you just need to destroy the camera and you can do it by shooting it from m!!

And if you are an Enforcer you need to Raid and it takes like forever. My advice is don't waste your internet by downloading this boring APB Reloaded is just a disaster after G1. My advice is don't waste your internet by downloading this boring and stupid game … Expand. Having recently started playing, I have no idea about the past issues of this program, but I can see it has very far to go to be considered a game, its completely unbalanced, connection issues, and the biggest problem it has is the rampant number of players using the Punkbuster aimbot hack in game.

That alone removes every bit of the fun this game could acheive. I for one cannot fathom Having recently started playing, I have no idea about the past issues of this program, but I can see it has very far to go to be considered a game, its completely unbalanced, connection issues, and the biggest problem it has is the rampant number of players using the Punkbuster aimbot hack in game.

I for one cannot fathom what enjoyment someone could get out of having to cheat to win at anything, guess it speaks of upbringing but thats their problems not mine. That said I dont feel the company is doing enough to address such issues being as its free 2 play - Pay 2 win which is an automatic fail in my book, sad too because this "game" had so much potential to be great but when the cheaters are paying the bills nothing ever gets done about it.

All in all at this point its realy nothing more than a hanout for cheats and hackers but its not alone in the online game community where lack of skills can be fixed with a hack. Give it a try but dont expect anything phenominal and dont plan to get serious about the game it lacks in the player quality area mosty but the best thing about it is you can try for free and in my opinion free is all I would ever put into this my two cents is really more than its worth.

Love the new fight club which makes the game more exciting than anything else out there. And, wow, just love the hot chicks in the trailer!! If you ever played cops and robbers as a kid you'll love this game. I have never seen a game that allows you to customize your avatar as much as this game. These are strong visuals, especially for a F2P game.

On my moderate system I wasable to run the game at maximum settings with 8xAA beta feature enabled. Pop-in of vehicles is common, but buildings are rendered at a good draw distance except when you spawn. If they manage to keep updating and fixing stuffm, then they are absolutely doing a great job. I liked the RTW version but it was so broken, i certainly see great improvements. Very good team game, playing alone when being a high rank is risky though. Been playing since Open Beta was announced. The game is quite enjoyable. I have over hours log, and can say i have the best knowledge about the game.

Lets start off with the customization tool in this game, its brilliant! The level of customization you can do to your character is beyond your imagination. All it takes is time, and manipulation of the tools. I have seen designs that I Been playing since Open Beta was announced.

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I have seen designs that I thought wouldn't have worked. The vehicle customize tool is just as good, you can also buy upgrades parts to your car either by Unlock or some by the Armas Market. Music is in this game, is another factor that makes your character unique. When you kill a player in APB a theme is played to the person you killed. This is another customize tool that is limitless. Now on to game play. APB Reloaded has two functions as of right now. Missions, and Fight club. Missions are supplied by the contact you pledge to, and by pledging to certain contact, you will unlock new gear, weapons, and vehicles.

The deeper you go into contacts the better the items you can unlock. Missions are played in to open worlds Financial District, and Waterfront District. You can go anywhere freely when in these districts. Once you pledge to a contact, you then will receive a mission. These mission most of the time start off unopposed, then you get opposition to fight against.

Either you will be attacking, or defending. Fight Club This game play is a team death match, or a capture points type missions. You can not pledge to contacts while in this district, but you can level up your roles by killing players with certain weapons. Its more for endgame players. The matches take place in two districts Baylon, or beacon. The matches are fast pace, and can be quite fun. All i can say is try it. Its free2play, with option to upgrade to premium for 10dollars a month.

Its well worth the price, for what you get. Plus the discount on weapons if you choose to buy them from the armas market. The terrible latency and laggs destroy the gameplay. Although, it's original concept makes it kinda good. Even if your not the best shooter in the game, you can always find friendly people with which you can become friends or even form a clan. In-game graphics look great on maximum settings everything is glistering, and even on everything on minimum, game still looks really good. Gamersfirst have done a lot to this game to bring it forward from RTW with the new FIGHT CLUB it just got better where you can just get in shoot to your hears content best thing of all for me is you can do so much with customization with cars , Crims , Enforcer , Theams , guns , mods the list goes on.

Ive played this game for a long time now and love it i dont know why ppl must dog it its one of the best shooters on the market. This game is endless fun! On top of destroying most of the bugs in the game they have also made the game transition to a F2P very well!

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