24 yr old dating 12 yr old

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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share. Model Akama Miki and pop star Zhang Muyi have recorded duets. Share or comment on this article: Outrage over Chinese popstar, 24, who is 'dating year-old Canadian model' e-mail.

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Muyi and Miki have been acquainted for some time, as Muyi became Miki's music coach when she was 8. They've recorded duets together and flood their social networking profiles with pictures of the two of them.

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The pair trended on Twitter as news of their apparent romance spread as more and more people read their sappy public messages, and Muyi responded to the rumors on his Weibo: If you think pedophiles and child molestors are the same. That is just sick. And she's a child! She is certainly too young to know what love is, and if he is already looking at her like a woman, then he is a pedophile.

When my daughter is 18, she can run off with a guy who is 40 years older than her if she likes. At least then she will be a woman and responsible for her choices. It is true that love is not bound by age, but intimate relationships certainly are! You cannot expect a little girl of 12 to even know why people fall in love? If it is true and pure it might only be from the guy. That little girl has no idea what to do with herself or with anyone else. She is at an age where she is this playful girl to whom a little attention is all she needs She would also never be able to love th guy fully.

Maybe if gets 20 and he is They can be put somewhere. Twelve year olds don't know what true love is. I'm sure you're sick of hearing that. However, they would be ostracised, at the very least. At the worst, he would be arrested and she would be taken by social services. Her parent s would be prosecuted in some way. Even the best case scenario isn't very good. Anything better would be a fairytale.

In universal terms, this is a question of two people performing a transaction either at the current time or at some fixed future time. If it were required that transactions occur earlier than a waiting period, it would be possible to refuse them simply by preventing them from occurring during that period. If the girl and the man dated each other because of love, they would be expressing the belief that an act of love cannot wait.

They would be telling each other that after the waiting period their love would expire if they hadn't dated within that time. The only way to forbid parents, as a rule, from treating their children in some specific way is to pass a law. If parents were to be forbidden from determining their child's belief to at least some extent, it could only be by a law contradicting the higher principle of Separation of Church and State.

The belief that love can expire because a transaction hasn't occured within a specific time is a threat to the integrity of the family, because the girl can use it do deny the love that holds them together. Therefore it is the parents' right and duty to prevent the girl from dating the man before a specific time, in order to instill in her the respect for love aspiring to last forever.


Outrage over Chinese popstar, 24, who is 'dating 12-year-old Canadian model'

Since the right is granted by a principle referring to the State, the State must determine how long they must wait in most places, 6 years. A twelve year girl is insufficiently psychologically mature to make a reasoned interpretation of her own, often confusing emotions, and her surge of hormones will add to her confusion.

That is not to say that there is anything dirty about sex, nor is being sexually attracted to someone. Such emotions are natural in healthy people of both genders, but for a twelve year old girl to be in relationship in which the potential to engage in sexual activity is to be discouraged in every way possible.

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  4. At this age the mental and psychical maturity development are out of kilter and it is vitally important that responsible parents and other adults, such as teachers, discretely and sympathetically guide the adolescent through this confusing period of her life. A 12 year old supposedly finding "true love" with a 20 year old seems kind of irrational because frankly speaking a 20 year old guy already has his life in order so it would be unfair to run off into the sunset with a 12 year old girl who's life is merely beginning. I think true love should.

    If you can tell it's true and real and you know they're going to live a happy life why wouldn't you? I admit i'd be kinda reluctant to let my baby go but if it's for love then i'm all for it. Of course i'd be checking up on them every once in a while just to make sure. It's impossible for a 20 year old to be in romantic love with a 12 year old, there is too much discrepancy in brain development and life experience, unless the 20 year old is retarded of course.

    In which case it will not be long until the 12 year old realizes and "grows-up" and quickly is no longer "in love" with this individual. It is lust on behalf of the 20 year old and he is using the naivety of the 12 year old to fulfill an unhealthy and destructive desire. More destructive for the 12 year old. And if you have a 12 year old and you are considering this scenario, you likely should not be allowed to parent at all. Hence why theoretically tying tubes should be mandatory until one passes an IQ test, at which point they may be untied.

    Pedophilia is the attraction of one person to a child; not sex according to goodle. This question is hypothetical and if God himself tells you that this love is pure, would you still allow it? I believe that if true love is involved, age is just a number. I know that 12 and 20 are far apart but if the love is true, then i would allow it.

    I know you said that is it impossible. And maybe it is possible to be impossible but i am not God to know that. What i do know is that everybody is different and that everbody experience love at different ages. Maybe not all twelve year old girls experience love, but maybe one do. And based on our society, we seemed to not allow a twelve year old girl to witness love based on all the pedophiles that are on this earth.

    I do also believe that is good to be cautious and careful with your children but if God himself told me that the love is pure, i will allow it.

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    The definition is sexual attraction not attraction as in kids are cute. This is a psychological disease and "wrong" even if one does not follow through. Your silly god also says stoning children is ok if they smart off and you're allowed to whip slaves as long as it is not to death. I'm far too holy, atheist as I am, to follow such a silly tyrant real or not. Ignoring that "true love" is mutual attraction and coincidental initial contact at the right time and place to make it so, and not some pre-ordained inevitability, my argument stands.

    If a 20 year old is attracted to a 12 year old it is not love, it is something sinister or very stupid. They don't have the capacity to experience adult love, regardless how emotional they get about it. It's amazing how the more the religious talk about god, the less and less attractive this unicorn becomes - and I didn't think that possible after reading the bible. If you prove that God is not real, prove it wrong then. Don't reply that i have to prove that he is real because i cannot.

    Because we cannot prove and not prove, there is not point arguing this. Sexual attracting is just attraction.

    A 24 year old guy who fall in love with a 12 year old.

    Saying that pedophilia is wrong is saying that being attracted to someone as well. I do consider pedophilia as something to be cautious about. You totally forgetting that everybody is different. So what if a brain is not fully develop, how do you still know that children cannot experience true love.

    So basically you are saying that once a person dies, they no longer experience love. Oh yeah, you are athiest. And how do you know if my God said that stoning children is ok.

    12 year old and 20 year old dating?

    TheTruth - I don't know what bible you read or what God you pray to but they certainly have nothing to do with my bible or my God. You need to do some serious reconsidering of your argument. Tell me, what does your religious book say about love? I believe that every God is the same. And i am just saying hypothetically, what if God or your own God tells you that the love is real.

    Would you consider is it? Just a hypothetical question bro. Consider what, if the love is real between a pedophile and a child? I think the only people that would consider this would be the people that think along the same lines as the 20 year old pedophile. What if God told you if the love was real.

    And you are replying that he would say not? How would you know that he will say no? You don't really know him in person. You know, Christians have something called a bible. This Book is also known as the Word of God which enables us to learn about Him and to become more like Him. If you were to open up this Book and read somewhere in the NT where God has set out commandments for us and sent His Son who we are to follow, you will get your answer from this.

    Furthermore, Paul speaks in many places on love and even describes to us in great detail of what love truly is and even what it isn't. This may also help contribute to bringing you over to the correct side as opposed to the side where children and pedophiles live in harmony.


    I am not a pedophile. I don't think that being sexually attracted to children is wrong. I think it is a concern. I don't think it is wrong because attractions are attractions. You can't help what you feel?

    12 year old and 20 year old dating? | CreateDebate

    And pedophilia is not child molestations in which i think it is wrong. Again, you are missing the argument bro. And i know you are a female. You know God won't tell you. But lets say he did. I say that if God told you or anybody that the love is real, i think it is selfish not to allow it. Unless that "true love" is not permanent. It's like an ironic Christian just fell into my lap for me so I could spout my atheist views on him and at the same time be validated by his responses.

    I think you are the one without knowledge my friend.

    Yes i would

    The idea is about "CAN. And God can create one. If God tells me and not the devil, just God and any God is the same in my opinion then i would allow it I believe you should love whoever you want. You use your experience and your feelings and that is wrong to answer.

    24 yr old dating 12 yr old 24 yr old dating 12 yr old
    24 yr old dating 12 yr old 24 yr old dating 12 yr old
    24 yr old dating 12 yr old 24 yr old dating 12 yr old
    24 yr old dating 12 yr old 24 yr old dating 12 yr old
    24 yr old dating 12 yr old 24 yr old dating 12 yr old

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