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You can watch the video here. I think seungyeon is cute. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. OnewAche When Onew is an ache that you don't want it to be healed. Onew and Seungyeon sang Jingle Bell rocks together then a year later the Juliette Kara gets fangirl came with jealousy. Tagged kara , onew , onyeon , seungyeon , shinee. Posted by chocolatheia on February 4, https: Leave a comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

This site uses cookies. Red string around the ankle, whatever. Seungyeon -- that's her name, by the way -- followed the line as the Fate line.

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It turns out that her string — our string, really — led to this very marketplace, before looping back to me. So she came up here first, and I followed. He's never heard of anyone speak of the line like this before, not really. But if your mind is focused about something else, like Fortune or Success, it can detour and lead you to it. It does attach eventually to your — what do they call it? Soulmate -- eventually, but it can veer off for a while.

And besides, you said that your string looped around this stand, right? That's fate right there, isn't it? Jonghyun has an arm around Kibum on the couch, and is completely absorbed in the anime that they're watching. Taemin's come to realize that while Jinki is remarkable with his hands and pottery, his feet are quite another matter.

I mean, I followed Seungyeon all the way here, and she doesn't even know me. Fate is not forced. It's ridiculous, really, Taemin thinks to himself. Jinki is definitely attractive, and has a good personality. Taemin thinks he might have liked him, even, if he didn't have this string around his ankle, always reminding him of someone else.

Taemin shrugs to himself, and he stretches out his arms and rests his hands on his head has he walks, his elbows sticking out. There's no point worrying, he tries to think.

(OnYeon moments) Onew & Seungyeon - It's better to be together

Like Kibum and his mother told him. He was young, anyway, he has a lot of time to figure things out, right? He's eating cereal at the kitchen counter while Jonghyun's on the couch, reading a book. I believe in the Love line when it really is fate. That the line is supposed to lead you to your fate, but by doing so kind of makes it Does that make sense? Kibum and I have always been in love, in best friendship, whatever you want to call it -- we didn't need some string to push us together.

Taemin is leaning against Jinki's ceramics stand, watching the crowd, as he listens idly to the sound of a guitar from one of the street performers. He taps his left foot gently, watching as his thread undulates gently with each rise of his foot, and he watches it closely as he twitches to the left, and then lays still. He watches the mess of red thread on the floor of the market spread out around him, and he's incredibly envious of the couples that have red string tied around both of their ankles, linking them together.

And then he notices them -- they're an attractive pair, really. They're both tall, and the girl has flowing dark brown hair, and she's holding the hand of her boyfriend as they walk brisky through the square. That's not what Taemin notices at first, though — what he notices first is that the thread around their ankles aren't of the same string. Taemin glances at Jinki, and is surprised to see him staring hard at the couple, and then at a lone guitarist on the other side of the square.

Obviously confused, her brows furrow up, and her boyfriend clutches at her hand tighter, squinting warily at the guitarist. The girl's eyes widen as she notices their string, and her boyfriend pulls her closer to him, his eyes hard and cold. The girl looks even more confused, looking at the begging guitarist and then at her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend is looking angrier by the minute. The guitarist is sitting on the curb now, his head in his hands. You can be in love with other people besides for your soul mate, you know. It's more natural that way. He lays on the couch that night, staring at the ceiling. You can find your soulmate!

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Taemin tries to think to himself. Suspiciously, the voice in his head is starting to sound like Kibum. He's just seventeen, Taemin thinks as he rolls over onto his side, and he closes his eyes. He has the entire summer to find them, anyway. It's four days later when it happens. He and Jinki are strolling around the marketplace Jinki said that he needed inspiration , when Jinki pulls him behind a large lamp post and hisses, "She's coming. Before Taemin can say anything, though, her left foot suddenly jerks backward, as if someone had tugged hard on it — or rather, on the string that encircles her ankle — and she goes flying, sprawling across the pavement.

Blue petals drift slowly to the ground around her.

SHINee's Onew to be on Age Of Youth 2; expected to be in a love line with Han Seung Yeon

Jinki helps her up, and she smooths down her hair agitatedly. Jinki bends down to help her, and Taemin snickers -- he can see the dopey look in Jinki's eyes all the way from here. She bows and smiles at him in thanks, the flowers safely bundled in her arms again, and she walks away, looking back over her shoulder once or twice. Jinki comes back over to Taemin, his face slightly awestruck, but there's a tiny frown playing on his features. She looked back a couple times. Well, that was interesting.

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He glances quickly at Seungyeon, who is now tending to some tulips, and lets his eyes run from her red thread, leading all the way back to Jinki's nervously tapping right foot. He smiles to himself. Lee Taemin, you gave us all a scare, how could you—" "I'm sorry, Mom, but I'm really doing the right thing. I'll be home soon, don't worry about me. What exactly am I doing here?

Taemin thinks to himself. Looking for his soulmate. How come I'd much rather hang out with Jonghyun or Kibum or Jinki? So Taemin realizes that he's a little bit reckless, a little bit childish in this Quest of his. How he came to the city to find just one person. Taemin didn't expect to find three friendships, that he thinks may just last forever.

Jonghyun looks up from beside him. School is going to start soon, anyway. He keeps his eyes on his thread, trying to ignore the other winding lines of red on the pavement. He follows it all the way to the banks of the river, where he's thankful that it doesn't stretch across the water. Instead, it runs along the pathway that lines it.

Hello, my name is Taemin, and I'm your soulmate , he rehearses in his mind, and he instantly feels silly.

Onew cast in 'Age of Youth 2' as Han Seungyeon's love interest - kkuljaem

Jonghyun and Jinki think that a forced, pressured relationship isn't true love, and for a second Taemin almost agrees with them. Kibum believes in love though, doesn't he? That couple on the street, his own parents — they aren't soulmates, by the conventional, red string of fate theory, but does that mean that they don't love eachother just as much? There are too many kinds of love, Taemin thinks. The air is cool and calm all around him, and Taemin listens to gentle lapping of the water against the banks of the river.

He puts each foot right in front of the other, holding his arms out for balance, and he stares along the length of his thread, until it disappears out of his sight. Briefly, he wonders if his soulmate is searching for him, like he is for them. He carefully stacks three perfectly made cerulean teacups on top of eachother, and Jinki gives him an inquiring look.

I had been waiting forever for my thread to appear. I thought that it would give me something to work toward, the big mission of my life that'll lead to my happily ever after. Jinki pats him gently on the back. Taemin rubs at his hair. You believed in love, you wanted to be in love. Like you and Jonghyun. Love exists, love exists for everybody in a billion different way. I thought you believed in that, too.

Jinki-hyung says that love is more natural that way. Don't listen to everybody else. It's slightly chilly, fall is coming early this year — and Taemin shivers a bit in his thin sweater, pieces of his red hair flying around his face in the wind. He'll call his parents again tonight, he thinks tiredly to himself. He feels tired, bone tired, having gotten himself lost out here all alone, and Taemin thinks this is what failure feels like. Something feels like it's tugging on his left foot, and he only briefly looks down before he sighs, jiggling his foot up and down until the thread settles, hovering just above the pavement.

He starts walking back when the sun is only a glow on the horizon, kicking his feet against the sidewalk resolutely as he walks away from his thread. Jinki's stand is empty, cleared out for the night, and it's only when Taemin's halfway through the plaza before he spots him, carrying a box down the road. Taemin laughs softly to himself, and he himself walks into the shadows, leaving Jinki and Seungyeon to themselves.

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