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How to Be a Good Kisser: The Best Kissing Tips. This article was extremely fascinating, particularly since I was looking for thoughts on this topic last Tuesday. They are still people and they can tell whether you are sincere or not. I found the title of this blog pretty interesting because I still find it difficult to comprehend how one can decide in advance whether he or she wishes to date a doctor. If someone really does plan, I think the locations you have suggested are apt and romantic too. Thank you for sharing this post. Very creative and innovative. Your email address will not be published.

Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts. Leave this field empty. Hospital Certainly any hospital or emergency room is a great place to meet a handsome doctor. High-end pubs or professional associations Instead of spending your free time in bars, you can find out where doctors usually stay during their after-hours. And he is amazing!

What is it about the doctors? Why everyone is so obsessed with them? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to Meetville Blog Get the information about our best articles and read them first! Choose Your Topic health Facebook Local Dating kiss second date third date Halloween men tech gay app Celebrities mobile gay dating News women Doctor career family Christmas lifestyle polls Celebrity children photo dating app Valentine's Day online dating fashion Professional Dating Meetville Couples love lesbian app hot singles relationships lesbian dating sex date ideas falling in love marriage entertainment FAQ dating profile dating tips divorce Rapper safety sex dating breakup first date seniors Instagram videos date dating money Psychology Interracial Dating LGBT.

Our Authors Alex Glover Editor-in-chief. Eleanor Dyer Relationship Expert. If you continue to browse it means you agree to the use of cookies. I am a 4th year med student going into surgery and I look forward to pushing backwards-thinking, hate-mongering men like you into retirement. All women deal with men like you on a daily basis in their workplaces across every sector. You are proof that feminism is still very necessary. There is no hate. Sorry to break it to you. I shudder at your post, but I realize that a lot of the close-mindedness is rooted in the scars of bad relationships.

The problem with this article and your comment is that female doctors are not all the same. Med school was in one location, residency was another time zone, and work is in a third time-zone. Sounds like you are the exception to the rule. Glad to hear that. As a surgeon married to a surgeon I find your generalities and stereotyping offensive. Your observations are not what I have encountered.

People and professionals , male or female, all come with different personalities and varying degrees of emotional intelligence. Good and bad behavior is not the sole property of physicians. What you really want is adoration and someone to place you on a pedestal. Good luck to you in your relationships as shallow as they are likely to be. By the way I am male. As another female surgeon, I feel like Mike H is just transferring his frustrations onto female doctors.

Might I suggest that he struck out with a few too many awesome female doctors that probably rightly realized they were too good for him? Did you ever stop to consider that the reason women always abrubtly ended conversations with you is because the stuff you spit out is absurd and incredibly misguided?

How to Date a Doctor: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

It sounds like you had some terrible partner choices and have become incredibly bitter about your failed romances, but none of those characteristics you mentioned above are unique to women or physicians. I work out times a week, cook fantastically, and have great social skills. Hi Mike, I have to say, wow, I was fascinated by your post. I am a single general surgeon. The main article was clever and I love hype, but your response was seriously insightful.

Thanks for your honesty! It is cool to hear how women doctors are perceived, what we do to screw things up. I can totally see attributes of myself in your response, and can see God softening those through various circumstances. Hope you find someone who appreciates your skills and cooking!

You lost all credibility with the poor cooking complaint. Please stop looking for the wrong type of women in the medical field. I mean, after dealing with sick and dying patients all day I would care less if you have a gourmet meal under your nose in the evenings! I also call BS on women quitting after a year out. However, I doubt all these female doctors are permanently quitting their career after one year as you say.

Even if your Canadian debt is zero. Like she tore you apart, broke your heart, and handed you your self-worth all cut up in a platter!! Looks like you need therapy to her over your PTSD. But make sure your shrink is a male doc. My darling and wonderful daughter, who is also a doctor with board certifications in a non-lifestyle field, is married to a terrific Canadian man. Thankfully, not all Canadians are as bitter as you are. Sorry about your luck, or lack thereof. Look in the mirror, eh! Debated on responding to your mock challenge, but it was so laughable, and my scotch ale is so particularly enjoyable this evening, I thought I would write for 20 seconds to you to help you glue your broken mirror together.

I wonder if you request that your current girlfriend shave thrice daily as well, just to ensure complete softness. Just a lowly ICU nurse here, but you sound pretty pompous. You also sound hyper-aggressive. I am a female pediatric oncologist, and your comment leaves me speechless.

For the record, I love my job, I am happily married, I work out regularly, and I have a child while working full time. Oh, and by the way, I can also cook. My patients and their families are amazing, and taking care of them day in and day out is a challenge, but an honor. I cannot imagine a life without this job.

I dare you to ask my co-workers if I am aggressive or abrupt. They would laugh at you. You are obviously very narrow minded. If we were to ever meet in person, I would have some choice words for you that are not suitable for the internet. However, for your sake, I hope you meet a nice female physician who helps to change your mind about your stereotypes.

Could not agree more. I am a female doctor who got married before med school. I think the people in the blog are lamenting the fact that men seem to be intimidated by female doctors and it is more challenging to meet people with an MD after your name. Mike, I find it incredible that someone with your level of aggression, misogyny, simple-mindedness and resentment is actually a physician. You are obviously bitter and cynical, and I hope one day you can realize that there are more important things to focus on in life than insulting others.

Hey Canadian Male Doctor! You male doctor sound like a fucking asshole! I have many female AND male doctor friends who are just as awesome. I have many female and male non doctor friends who are just as awesome. Mike, you are a world class idiot. Your generalizations are so off that I initially thought that you were writing a parody piece. However, with a very cursory analysis of your diatribe I think most readers would agree that YOU were probably the problem.

In fact you sound like you think that women should be impressed by your very existence. You are probably the guy who would strike up some flirtatious encounter in the hospital and were very impressed with yourself when someone gave you the time of day. Your ego seems to be very fragile even as you try to pretend it is OK. What you really need is a therapist. As a male pediatric surgeon which parenthetically means that I spent nearly a decade training and have therefore been in contact with MANY female trainees I am pretty sure that you were a resident that was difficult to train, took constructive criticism the wrong way every time and were probably jealous of your more talented female counterparts.

A gross majority of these women are Uber talented, funny, self sufficient and can handle stress better than most men in any field including surgery. I am pretty sure she would be embarrassed of her misogynistic pig of a son. Not a doctor, but was attracted to ambitious professional females and ended up marrying a female doctor. I thought it was only my wife, but reading your post, she fits every single point and more. I have met some really nice female docs that have amazing personalities, but they tend to be much older like grandmas, so I suspect that as time goes on, they really really wisen up.

High-strong and aggressive is on the mark. Always rushing and treating me as subhuman, discounting my concerns and suggestions for tests as if who I am that they should listen to me!? And usually turns out I am right because I know my body more than even a highly trained physician. My advice to both female and male docs, I suspect it will be easier to find someone you like outside of your field. Oops, did I just say that!? How do you handle difference of opinions in real life. Stella — I think the canadian doctor had already referenced that he had dated several specialties of female doctors unsuccessfully so maybe it was the fact that they are in the same field.

I dont know, I wasnt there and wont draw any conclusions, but he did try. Josh — maybe the doctors at 30 are socially inept and just getting back out into the dating pool again after concentrating so much on their career, tryi g to get to a point in life where they are secure and able to commit time to pursuing what they want.

Of course dating is different from a female and male perspective whatever their field of employment is. Maybe they are single because they can afford to be and are tired of putting up with male assholes trying to tell them not to be assertive free thinkers. Thinking back, they seemed to be the most stable and down-to-earth of the female population. I had the most fun with female providers but we could never quite get off the ground with the crazy schedules.

It was always back to square one instead of building on the last meeting because of a two or three week waiting period. That was the one and only hang up, everything else was awesome! The nurses can be quality wives, but the female doctors really are not the catches incorrectly think they are. I elaborated on that in my reply below. We are all individuals, and I find your not-so-thinly-veiled misogynistic ideas much more telling of your issues, rather than those of female physicians.

What I have instead observed, is that for the most part, they are amazing and I am lucky to work alongside them. They are interesting, driven, brilliant, kind, and yes, able to cook, have families, and all other gender roles you find appropriate and necessary. Looking back as a male in healthcare, I had a lot of fun with female providers.

The only hang up was their crazy schedule: As a Canadian surgical physician, married to a non-physician, I can attest to the crazy schedules and needing to schedule in time for date nights and down time. We are intense groups of people, and thats ok.


We are intelligent, and have opinions — also ok. I make 10 X more money than my hubby, but he gets to reap the rewards of trips around the world with me, and the kids always think he pays for everything anyways so they always thank him!

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My husband has a very respectable job in academics and healthcare, is a triple degree trained PhD, and works hard as well, but is definitely the one who runs our household. I think men are scared to female physicians due to articles and comments like these. We are just people. Some are fun, some are not, some are aggressive, some less so.

But when the stereotype is created before the barriers are down aka: I personally have many hobbies, including diving, traveling, knitting, cooking, rock climbing, and I am just a boring mommy doctor. Yeah, we talk about medicine. You talk about work — medicine is our work. Give us some more interesting date nights and we will talk about other things! I do always suggest to female med students that if they have a man, keep him, because it is hard to find one once you a doctor.

Top 8 reasons you should marry a female physician

Men just get intimidated by women in strong positions. They are great at what they do. And I tell them that. My department chair is a strong leader of the academic department and has made many great progressive strides forward. I think its great that they got to where they are by determination and hard work. There are a lot of myths female doctors say about themselves that they believe to be true.

I elaborated on this in my reply below to you. Frank, Come on man. I am married to a female surgeon, and I am in the oil and gas industry as a regional salesman. I cover three states and I have been asked numerous times by my customers how do I handle being married to a surgeon. Their issue is not only a disparity in income but her demanding work schedule.

I have known great male docs and also a few d bags. If there is one thing that we all can agree on is that everybody is different. Spend a month in my shoes adjusting to the culture of big cities like Dallas or Baton Rouge to smaller ones like Gonzales or Searcy. You will see views on women in the work place are different. All the people making generalizations need to chill. So give it a shot, we can be fun! This is a good discussion, and something that should be brought into the open. Society makes these generalizations that are also not true female doctors are caring and kind, men are afraid of women in strong positions, etc.

I think a lot of these female doctors are believing their own incorrect hype. It would be interesting if you forwarded this to your other female and male physician friends and get them to weigh in on their thoughts. DrMom — your last paragraph is wise. Frank Wunder — All too true. Girls often make statements as facts, that rarely coincide with real actual facts. Never have I felt intimidated by a girl who also happens to be a doctor. They have no problem berating, or throwing their partner under the bus to be right.

Often men who make it to very accomplished career positions have turned into very interesting people as well along the way. This is including the male doctors that I know. I wonder why such a vast majority of these girls who study to be doctors end up being devoid of any personality or interests other than work? Generalizations are a good thing. If someone carrying a baseball bat and yellow socks hits you on the head, and the next four people carrying a baseball bat and yellow socks also hits you on the head, would you duck when you see the next person carrying a baseball bat and yellow socks comes your way?

I want someone to be nice, friendly, caring, feminine, and have interests outside of work. Not an ultra-aggressive, inflexible, time-strapped woman whose career offers me nothing else that I do not already have. Mike H, are you not describing overt as opposed to covert narcissistic personality traits in action amongst female physicians? I call a spade a space. Yes, many female doctors are narccistic. Problem is, it does not stop there.

Female doctors are also often ultra-aggressive, and extremely self-entitled. Can you do that for me right now? Can you just read it back to yourself? Perhaps you should be putting your efforts toward building a time machine, so you can return to the days when men dominated medicine because, clearly, that would make you more comfortable. The above commentary makes me wonder when some of the above men were dating female physicians. Some of my friends married fellow MDs. Others, like me, married men in other professions. I think physicians, being competitive people at baseline, do tend to compete w each other.

The pets are less verbal.

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Yes, my husband does most of the cooking — he gets home first. I clean, because, after having the tar scared out of my by OR nurses, I have embraced sterile technique.

Med School Dating

But, we do what we do best. I have more fun going bowling or hiking or camping. Can I pull amazing facts out of the air? Well, I hardly think that would be beneficial to a marriage.

A Trauma Mama's Attempt at Integrating Fashion, Fitness, Family & Work

Do I have hobbies — yup. Have I turned my husband on to them — yup. Has my husband turned me on to his — yup. Do I have a sense of humor — yes, a wicked one. But, there are a lot of good ones out there. If you have only found spoiled, arrogant, self-involved harridans, it begs certain questions.

Where have you been finding these women? Somewhere along the lines, most of the female MDs turn into high-strung, hyper-competitive, self-absorbed people who pick every little detail as hills to die on. It truly is unfortunate to say, but the majority of female doctors I have met are spoiled, arrogant, and self-absorbed.

They have forgotten the basics of how to be nice to people, have interests outside of work, and be considerate. Try developing a personality instead. Its good to ve this platform on women doctors. Life is light and darkness and the same applies to women doctors. Because some are white and others are black due to their life from the beginning. Either from their homes,schools,community,etc.

And all women are special from creation. Have been praying to marry a woman doctor and i have my aims of getting a doctor to marry. Not for their firm.. But i prefer having a doctor as a wife. One might say no to that because of what he have seen or experienced. Thank you for your platform. We are all unique in our own way whether we are lawyers, doctors, dentisits, vets, dancers, singers, artist, office manager… to each is own..

Oh by the way, I love love to workout as well as Physical therapy was my pre med course and know all the muscles , insertion and action by heart…. I live in the UK and am happily married to a doctor, she is a consultant equiv. The article seemed to tie in well with my wife, although I realise not everyone is the same. Regarding some of the negative views expressed in the comments, I know many female doctors both through my wife and through my own work; whilst there are flaws in characters as we all have the negative traits are no more prevalent than in the general population.

I know male doctors too of course and the same applies. Hi, I want to know if there is a site where I can meet a doctor for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. Being a male who married an Ent Surgeon.

dating a doctor girlfriend Dating a doctor girlfriend
dating a doctor girlfriend Dating a doctor girlfriend
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