17 man single elimination bracket

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A bye granted in a later round of the tournament eliminates the need for two byes in the previous round. In the English FA Cup , the football clubs in the top two league divisions receive two-round byes and enter in the third round "proper" of eight ; the two next-highest divisions' teams will have entered in the first round. The WNBA also grants double byes to the league's top two seeds, while the next two seeds get first-round byes for their playoffs.

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In NCAA Division I basketball, the Big East Men's Basketball Tournament introduced "double byes", as the conference invited all 16 members to participate for the first time previously only the top twelve were invited. To limit the number of games each round to four, the four highest seeded teams were advanced to the third round of competition, the 5th-8th seeded teams given byes to the second round, and the bottom eight competed the first day.

Due to the realignment of major conferences , "double byes" were no longer needed by the Big East after , but were added by the SEC in , the ACC in , and the Big Ten in In certain tournaments, the byes are somewhat disguised. When more teams are given first-round byes than actually compete in the first round, these first games may be referred to as "play-in" games and might not be a formally labelled as a tournament round. Since , the Major League Baseball playoffs has included ten teams consisting of six division winners and four wildcard teams the top-ranked non-division-winners.

The first round of the playoffs consists two wild-card games: The winners move on to the Divisional series with the six division winners for an eight-team, three-round tournament. Although this is billed as adding two extra "one-game showdowns" to the post-season, it could also be viewed as adding a fourth round to the ten-team tournament with six byes for the division winners. The FA Cup also has certain teams compete in up to 6 preliminary rounds to qualify for the first round "proper".

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Another example is the NCAA Basketball Tournament , which since has had 68 teams, effectively granting 60 byes, while eight teams compete in the "First Four" games for remaining four spots in the round of From to , the "First Four" was considered the first round, the round of 64 played on Thursday and Friday, was called the "second round"; the round of 32 was then called the "third round", consisting of games played on Saturday and Sunday. In , the naming reverted to the round of 64 being the "first round" once again, and the round of 32 being the "second round".

Certain professional rugby and gridiron football leagues use the term "bye week" for any week during the regular season in which a team does not play a game. School teams may also have non-competing weeks, but these are scheduled by individual schools and more commonly termed "open dates". Each NFL team has one "bye week" during a normal season; this is placed on the team's schedule, usually falling between Week 5 and Week 11 inclusive. The NFL season spanned 18 weeks with each team having 2 bye weeks.

In the rare case of a game postponement that cannot be made up within the week, [6] a bye week may act as an available date to reschedule the delayed game, with the day of postponement acting as the new "bye week"; although both teams would have to be available on the same bye week; this was done during the NFL season when the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans had to reschedule their Week 2 matchup in Houston due to Hurricane Ike , which also impacted the Cincinnati Bengals ' schedule. During the and NFL seasons, the league had an odd number of teams due to expansion.

Each week during those seasons, one team had a bye, including one team each in the first and last week of the season. Thus, because they had to play all their games with no break in the middle, those two teams effectively had no byes. The American Football League at the time a completely separate league, but later became the American Football Conference also had an odd number of teams in and following the addition of the Miami Dolphins, leaving each team with two bye weeks.

Between the through seasons, the NFL had an odd number of teams, 31, as a result of the Cleveland Browns re-entering the league. Each week during these three seasons featured at least one team with its bye week the season also added an additional impromptu league-wide bye the weekend after the September 11 attacks. The league returned to having an even number of teams 32 in the season with the addition of the Houston Texans , and implemented the current bye week system. Sarcastically, the media may refer to a team having a "bye week" if that team is playing an especially bad team and is all but assured of a win.

Traditionally, the CFL has had nine teams and required bye weeks. Beginning , each team has three bye weeks and 18 games over a week regular season. In most seasons, from to and prior to , each team has two bye weeks during the 20 week game regular season. When the league had only 8 teams, the league usually had no bye weeks. However between and , the league had one bye per team over in two weeks in August 4 teams would have a bye during week 6 and the other 4 teams would have a bye on week 7.

During the representative period of the season such as the State of Origin , byes are generally scheduled to the clubs that are expected to have the most players involved in the representative match, in the round preceding or following the representative fixture, to allow those clubs to sufficiently rest those players and prevent them from fielding a weakened side. On the competition ladder, teams are awarded two points equivalent to a win during their bye week except for the Melbourne Storm in , who were barred from receiving premiership points for the remainder of the season as a punishment for gross long-term breaches of the salary cap.

The Australian Football League , which comprises an even number of clubs, gives each club a bye week in mid-season.

In , to , and , to and , when there were an odd number of clubs competing, each club was given two byes. In both leagues, and under many other professional and amateur sports leagues in Australia, higher placed teams don't earn byes during finals , but instead the opportunity not to be eliminated by losing their first-round match also called a double chance. This practice is common in Australia, but it is not used in most other countries, to earn an easier passage to the Grand Final as reward for finishing higher on the ladder.

This is different from a double elimination format, in which a team has to lose both in the tournament and the repechage to be eliminated. In a variation of the round-robin case, at certain high-level competitions in artistic gymnastics , teams cycle through the apparatuses in an "Olympic Order" with scheduled byes in between. As an example, the NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships has 36 teams with six teams apiece at six regional sites, with 12 advancing to two semifinal rounds of six that decide participants for the final "Super Six".

For example, Semifinal II of the championships operated as follows [13].

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The technique is called the polygon method. There will be N -1 rounds each team will play N-1 games. Since each team will play every other team once, no team will be idle during any of the rounds. Draw a regular N -1 sided polygon i. Each vertex and the centre point represents one team.

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Draw horizontal stripes as shown below. Then, join the vertex that has been left out to the centre. Each segment represents teams playing each other in the first round. The new segments represent the pairings for round two. There will be N rounds since each team will play every other team once, and will be idle for exactly one round.

Let us work out the schedule for 7 teams, numbering the teams from 1 to 7. Draw a regular N-gon heptagon for 7 teams. Each vertex represents one team. The vertex that has been left out gives the idle team.

Tournament Scheduling

One more rotation will bring the polygon back to its original position. Therefore, the schedule could look like this:. Restricting ourselves to horizontal stripes ensures that no segment is a rotation or reflection of another segment.

This means that no pairing will be repeated in a future round. Notice that in the case where N no. Scheduling games is a little more challenging than one might desire.

17 man single elimination bracket 17 man single elimination bracket
17 man single elimination bracket 17 man single elimination bracket
17 man single elimination bracket 17 man single elimination bracket
17 man single elimination bracket 17 man single elimination bracket
17 man single elimination bracket 17 man single elimination bracket
17 man single elimination bracket 17 man single elimination bracket
17 man single elimination bracket 17 man single elimination bracket
17 man single elimination bracket 17 man single elimination bracket
17 man single elimination bracket 17 man single elimination bracket

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